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Colorado Floods Recovery: Dealing With Flood Damage To Landscapes, Gardens

(Susan Clotfelter, The Denver Post ) Rains and flooding have suspended a typical transition into fall. Cleanup and reconstruction may take weeks to months. Take it one day at a time, focus on family first and get to landscape care as time allows. Flood Cleanup Resources Colorado State University Extension has several helpful, well-organized sites. a flood cleanup booklet covering controlling insects, handling flooded soil, trees, shrubs, ornamentals and lawns. has an index of all of its flood-related publications. a list of all county offices and their phone numbers. Waterlogged landscapes Turn off sprinkler systems and coil up the hoses. There’s no need to water outdoor plants with the exception of container plants that are dry or new plantings. Insert a screw driver or indoor plant moisture probe to check soil moisture; if it goes in easily, don’t water. Empty standing water from container saucers, barrels, cans, anything that’s holding it. Cut back hail-damaged perennials to the ground and toss or compost destroyed annuals. Remove damage to trees and shrubs; call in a certified arborist for extensive damage or ladder work. Soaked turf Wait to mow until lawn dries out; refrain from walking around on soggy soil. Aerate lawns for more effective water and fertilizer usage through fall and winter but not if the lawn is soaked. Give it a little drying time. Make final application of nitrogen to cool-season grasses while still green, at least 2-3 weeks before ground freezes.
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Roach Rant: Pleas For Pest Control In Stuy Town

(You will recall, for instance, Gothamist’s recent ” REDONKULOUS ” diatribe on rents.) Today, the topic is one likely near and dear to many a New Yorker: roaches. Er, make that ROACHES! Not included in the brochure was information about ROACHES! It began shortly after I moved in. I started coming home to roaches. Not just one or two— but DOZENS each day! Mostly in the kitchen, under the sink, under the refrigerator, under the stove, on the counter, in the cupborads…disgusting. I know you are thinking I must be a pig, but I am clean. And my girlfriend is even cleaner, so the apartment is not a pig sty. So, I called maintanence for “extermination.” Hmmm, after about 4 sessions of “extermination” nothing had changed. So I tried myself. Roach sprays, traps, boric acid, posion gel, anti-roach ultrasound emitters, taping up every hole in the wall I could find. But still, my apartment was full of ROACHES! It is now March and the problem continues. Today I found one IN THE DISHWASHER! Imagine big roaches swimming around in the dishwasher on all your “clean” dishes.
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