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Ant Control For The Organic Gardener

Fun facts you always wanted to know: What to do with elephant poop

Do you find that constant swarms of ants and other insects prevent you from enjoying your experience outside? Many people love being out in the garden, cultivating plants and flowers. However, many have problems with bugs destroying the plants that they care about or crawling on them while they are trying to work. There are many solutions available to solve this problem. Ants are a particularly large problem for those who work in organic gardens. Individually they are not a very large problem, but together they can destroy large plants or cause other problems in a garden. Luckily, the solutions that are available to get rid of these pests are rather effective. Sprays are one way to rid yourself of the insects, but are often frowned upon in the organic growing community. Another solution is to use ant traps. These are small devices which when placed on the ground draw ants inside, where they stay stuck to the bottom. Ant traps are an extremely effective means of controlling an ant problem. However, many people have trouble finding these types of devices. Many hardware stores feature these items at very affordable prices so that one can get better control of their pest problem. Ant traps are most effective when used in conjunction with other ant traps. Compounding them is a great way to make sure that the problem does not get out of hand. Another great place to get ant traps is on the Internet. The Internet has a large assortment of products related to ant control. People who are looking to quell their ant invasion can buy ant traps in bulk, saving a great deal of money. The ant traps can also be delivered right to your doorstep, saving you from having to go out to a physical store to purchase what you need.
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Killing ants naturally with natural ant exterminators from your pantry, garden and fridge

DE is also effective for killing fleas, ticks, chiggers and other crawling insects in the house and garden. Buy DE from feed stores, gardening centers and online. 6. Scatter fresh spearmint leaves along the ground around the perimeter of the house as an ant repellent — they hate it and will not cross the line. 7. Make an ant killer juice by combining one tablespoon of boric acid powder with one cup sugar and enough water to make a runny syrup. Allow the dry ingredients to fully dissolve. Pour the mixture into a squirt bottle, like an old ketchup or mustard container with a long applicator tip. Squeeze a drop or two of the liquid on small pieces of cardboard and place strategically around the house away from pets and children. The ants will at first be drawn to eat the syrup. They’ll take it back to the queen and it will kill the entire nest. Use the liquid outside in hot spots as long as it’s not accessible to pets. This is a highly effective method for killing all types of ants, including fire ants. Squirt some right down the hole of the ant hill and watch it disappear overnight. The best approach for natural ant control is by using a combination of the above methods. Sources for this article include: WikiHow: How to Kill Ants Without Pesticides READ MORE OF JEAN (JB) BARDOT’S ARTICLES AT THE FOLLOWING LINKS: The JB Bardot Archives: Natural News: JB Bardot is an herbalist and a classical homeopath, and has a post graduate degree in holistic nutrition. Bardot cares for both people and animals, using alternative approaches to health care and lifestyle. She writes about wellness, green living, alternative medicine, holistic nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and naturopathic medicine. You can find her at The JB Bardot Archives at and on Facebook at https:// or on Twitter at jbbardot23 or Stay informed! FREE subscription to the Health Ranger’s email newsletter Get breaking news alerts on GMOs, fluoride, superfoods, natural cures and more… Join over four million monthly readers.
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3 Bed Bugs Enough To Close 4 Schools On Denver’s West Campus

The campus has been off limits since Friday while exterminators hunt for bed bugs. Three bed bugs could fit from head to tail on a dime and still have room left over, yet just three of them were enough to close the doors at four schools on the West Campus while exterminators work to make sure the campus is bed bug free. Bed bugs are like mosquitos they feed on human blood, but a man with a masters degree in insects says closing a school because of three is an overreaction. Bed bugs are nocturnal. Theyre pretty much active from about midnight and 5 a.m., so if you think of school, when the bed bugs want to come out and feed, theres nobody there, said Scott Armbrust, an urban entomologist. Yet according to a letter issued to students and parents at the West Campus, Three bed bugs were discovered in a classroom. When the bugs were discovered, students and faculty were immediately removed and the Denver Public Schools Pest Control Team conducted a treatment of the area. I think just by monitoring and doing some localized spot treatments to kill whatever bugs had gotten in, they should be able to solve it without closing the school, Armbrust said. Armbrust said heat and chemicals are typically used to kill bed bugs. A trap, which uses other chemicals to attract the bugs, helps to count how many are in a room. The (pest control) team assessed the situation and determined that we do not have an infestation, said Fridays letter to students and parents. Armbrust said its hard to figure out how the bed bugs invaded the high school. Thats pretty much impossible, theyre hitchhikers, he said. They can come in purses, suitcases, hats, furniture thats been sitting somewhere. The Pest Control Team has been working on the bed bug problem since Saturday. Students were told the campus wants to make sure the area is bug free and classes will resume on Wednesday. 0.000000 0.000000
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What Are Bed Bugs? How To Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bug nymph ingesting a blood meal from a human host

The most active time for a bed bug is about one hour before sunrise – the peak time for feeding. However, they will try to feed at any time of day or night if they are hungry enough, and if the opportunity is there. They prefer nighttime and hate sunlight. They will reach their host either by crawling straight towards them, or climbing a wall and then across the ceiling until they feel a heat wave – when they jump down onto their host. The bug is attracted to the host by both its warmth and the presence of C02 (carbon dioxide). It pierces the skin of its host with two hollow tubes. One tube injects saliva which contains anesthetics, so that the host feels nothing, and anticoagulants, so that the blood flows out freely. The other tube sucks the blood in. Feeding takes about five minutes, after which the bug returns to its hiding place. Bites are not noticeable by the host until at least a few minutes or some hours afterwards. Hosts, for example humans, will be aware of a bite after scratching it. Often bites may not be noticeable for several days. Bed bugs will feed every five to ten days. They can, however, last for several months without feeding. If there is no food around they can become dormant for over a year. A well fed bed bug has a lifespan of about six to nine months. How do bed bugs reproduce? Bed bugs reproduce by traumatic insemination, also known as hypodermic insemination. The males have hypodermic genitalia which pierce the females anywhere on their abomen and ejaculate sperm into the body cavity. The sperm diffuse through the insides and reach the ovaries, resulting in fertilization. The female bed bug lays approximately 5 eggs in one day and about 500 during her lifetime. Eggs are about 1 mm long and are visible to the naked eye. They have a milky-white tinge.
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