Water Damage Repair Job Turns Into Six-month Ordeal

Petersburg, gave him no guidance in hiring a contractor. He found the one he hired through a cabinet company. Its probably wise to get recommendations from other homeowners who have been in the same situation. Ask around. Then get written estimates from at least three contractors and have a detailed contract. A permit should be posted at the job site. Although homeowners sometimes fear building inspectors, their job is to protect homeowners from shoddy, improper or incomplete work. United adjuster Betty Jo, who did not give her last name, said customers are advised to hire a licensed and insured contractor. She said the company did not request a copy of a permit before issuing any checks. The company does not get involved in recommending contractors, because it does not want to be blamed if things do not turn out well. The Five Top Causes of Interior Water Damage 1. Plumbing Supply System Failure Warning signs include increased monthly water bill, banging pipes, rust stains, moisture in the walls or on the floor, wet soil around the foundation Schedule a plumbing inspection and make repairs. Consider installing a leak detection system. 2. Toilet failure A third of all toilet failures are caused by overflowing or clogged toilets. In case of an overflow, turn off the supply valve. Inspect toilets components twice a year. 3. Water Heater Failure Most water heaters begin to fail when they are around 12 years old. Schedule an inspection every two years, then annually after the warrant expires. Perform regular maintenance such as flushing out sediments and inspecting the rods and valves. 4. Plumbing drain system failure More than half of plumbing system failures are the result of sewer backups. Have a plumber install a backflow prevention assembly.
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Being Accredited By One Of These Associations Means The Pest Control Company Has Signed Up To A Professional Code Of Conduct.

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Spring Storms Mean Time To Check For Water-damage Insurance

Water Damage To Home Insurance

Jim Riesberg, Colorado Commissioner of Insurance, reminds Coloradans that “an overflowing sink or tub, or water backing up due to clogged water or sewer lines, can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Now is the time to make sure that homeowner and auto insurance is up-to-date to cover repairs from either a damaging hail storm or damage due to water line issues.” It is important for consumers to talk to their insurance agents, brokers or companies to ensure adequate coverage for potential problems. Colorado is “Hail Alley,” and Coloradans can expect at least three to four catastrophic hailstorms (defined as at least $25 million in insured damage) each year. Last year, one July hailstorm caused more than $160 million in damage. While liability auto insurance is mandatory in Colorado, comprehensive coverage, which covers body damage, may be optional except in the case of a car loan. If you live in an area that is prone to hail storms, such as in northeastern Colorado, comprehensive coverage usually covers damage from hail, subject to your deductible. Homeowners’ insurance does not cover damage from floods. Floods in Colorado can be caused by rain from a general storm system; rain from a localized intense thunderstorm, resulting in a “flash flood”; melting snow, ice jams, or the failure of a dam or levee. Homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood damage; only flood insurance can do that. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is the source for flood insurance. There is a 30-day waiting period from date of purchase to when the policy goes into effect, so the time to check into those policies is well before flood damage occurs. To find out if you live in a flood-prone area, and to look into flood insurance, go to www.floodsmart.gov . Homeowners’ insurance rarely covers damage from backed-up sewers or water lines. Most standard homeowner policies do not cover damage from a backed-up sewer or water line. Most likely you would need to purchase a separate endorsement to cover this type of loss. If you live in a low-lying area that includes the junction of water or sewer lines, you may want to consider purchasing this coverage, if available. It could save you thousands of dollars in damages and untold aggravation.
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Always read the fine print when you see these ads, and you may realize all is not what it seems. Take the time to research each company thoroughly, and find out which company has the best coverage for you. You need a will. Seventy percent of Americans don’t have one, and many families suffer because of it. A will can help to protect your assets in the event of your death. It keeps your family safe from probate court and lets everyone know what your intentions are. This might be one of the most important legal documents you can have. Use the internet to your advantage when doing research on what type of insurance to purchase. The internet has a wealth of resources on the pros and cons of different types of plans and great advice on what you should get at different points and times in your life. Use the information available so that you are as educated on the process as your agent. Renters insurance is a great way to protect your belongings from theft or fire in your building. Your landlord’s insurance only replaces his property. All your property is not covered which can leave you with nothing when not insured. Getting insurance is easy and inexpensive for even higher amounts of coverage. The best way to keep your insurance premiums low is to never file a claim for a small item. When you are considering filing a claim, take into account the amount your premium is likely to go up and how much extra that will cost you. Next, compare that to the amount your claiming, and if the claim amount is lower you should pay for it yourself. This could save you hundreds of dollars in the long-term. It can take a lot of time out of your day trying to find good information about insurance.
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When You’re Calling Or Emailing A Pest Control Company For A Quote, It’s Wise To Ask About How Discreet Their Service Is.

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Councils In The North East Hit Top 10 For Pest Control Call Outs

Michelle Kelly was forced out of her home after seeing a rat

. . no one wants pests in their home. But according to a recent survey, homes in the North have been subjected to a higher rate of infestations than the rest of the UK. South Tyneside, Sunderland, Newcastle and Middlebrough councils all made the top 10 for pest control call-outs in 2012, the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) said. Experts are stumped as to the root of the North pest problem, but said it could be down to the likes of population density and lively city-centre nightlife as well as availability of free pest control services. Mum-of-two Michelle Kelly was forced out of her home after seeing a rat race across her bedroom. It was absolutely horrible, said the 27-year-old, of North Shields in North Tyneside, who lives with sons Thomas, nine, and two-year-old AJ. I could not sleep in my house so moved to my mums. I thought the noises I heard was the dog upstairs but when I went up I saw a rat run across the room. It is just not nice to have that in your home. Michelle Kelly was forced out of her home after seeing a rat South Tyneside Council had the fourth highest rate of call outs in the UK in 2012, at 29.25 per 1,000 people, a total of 4,333 calls. However, this was down slightly from 4,477 calls in 2011. A spokesman said: We have a highly-experienced team of pest control technicians offering advice and support to residents and businesses. These figures reflect the high demand for our service which is well recognised locally and is generally where our residents turn to for assistance. The council also offers competitive rates compared to those of private pest control contractors and up until April 2012, when the BPCAs research ended, many households received free pest control treatments if they were in receipt of certain benefits. People living in council-owned housing receive treatments which are paid for by the councils housing company, South Tyneside Homes. Sunderland City Council was fifth in the UK with 29.06 call-outs per 1,000, a total of 8,007 calls. The council also ranked in the top ten for mice call-outs, with 2,663 calls in 2012. Coun James Blackburn, portfolio holder for city services said: Sunderland City Council provides a free domestic control service for the treatment of rodents and other pests where there is a risk to public health. The council also carries out proactive treatments. Many factors such as weather conditions from cold snaps or rain can influence the number of pest control incidents and reportings. Newcastle City Council was seventh in the table. It had 8,032 calls last year, down from 8,452 in 2011. Peter Gray, head of highways and local services said: We are a bit surprised at this league table. We have never noticed Newcastle or the rest of the North East having any higher than average pest problem than the rest of the UK. I think these results show North East councils are very good and responding to and recording call outs. The Norths pest problem could be down to a number of factors said Richard Moseley, techinical manager of the BPCA, including population density and the liveliness of city-centre nightlife. He said: Where theres a free service it is going to be more widely used. But he warned that any council cuts could lead to a noticeable increase in pest problems. Mr Moseley added: I think we have to be aware this could be a factor for the future because if you remove a free service then people will not use it or cannot because they do not have the finances.
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